Dick Rambone 16.7 Inch Huge Dong - Beige Sex Toy Product

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Dick Rambone 16.7 Inch Huge Dong - Beige

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(167 Reviews)
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Product Details

  • Weight: 3.70 lbs
  • Width: 2.35 Inches
  • Length: 16.70 Inches
  • Insertable Length: 13.40 Inches
  • Features: Phthalate Free ,
    Phthalate Free - Phthalate Free products have no esters, softeners or plasticizers.
    Made in USA ,
    Made in USA - Made in USA products are manufacturer in the United States of America.
    Latex Free, Suction Cup
    Suction Cup - A round piece attached to a toy that sticks to a flat surface by producing a vacuum. This allows for hands free play.
  • Materials: PVC
    PVC - PVC, sometimes referred to as jelly, is a plastic made more flexible and soft by the addition of plasticizers or phthalates. Some odor is usually detectable with PVC toys. Use soap and warm water or toy cleaner to disinfect.
  • Color: Beige
  • Texture: Veiny
    Veiny - Quality of raised markings that bear a physical resemblance to the veins on a penis.
  • Shapes: Phallic ,
    Phallic - Resembles a penis.
    Curved - Has a gentle bend or arch.
  • Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
  • Brand: The Classics
  • UPC: 782421118808
  • SKU: DJ0268-00
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Product Description

Doc Johnson's Dick Rambone Cock is an enormous dong that will never leave you wanting more. Molded from the eponymous porn star, famous for his well-equipped tool, this monster cock with veined shaft will fill users an amazing fifteen inches deep. Brave the Rambone hands-free with the dependable suction cup base, or partner up for extreme strap-on harness play. It is made from non-phthalate body-safe material, which includes Doc's anti-bacterial Sil-A-Gel formula. Available in Black and White. Proudly made in America

Please Note: The measurements listed on the package are incorrect.

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169 Reviews
Jan 27, 2017
The right dildo for the job, almost.
When I purchased the dick rambone I had a different expectation of how it would feel inside me. I have come to the conclusion I am not a big fan of PVC for penetration. I prefer softer toys and it the dick rambone was a little softer I could probably get it deeper. The toy is still satisfying but I definitely can't use it as long as I can some other toys. I should also add that with a partner this toy is enjoyable to make sure you let your partner know how much you can take otherwise they can get a bit overzealous.
Jan 7, 2017
Just amazing
I had one of these before some years ago and just got another and WOW!!! Once you work it in it feels so fulfilling and wonderful. Very satisfied and happy to feel that feeling again
Dave J.
Dec 25, 2016
When I first got this I was a little intimidated but after awhile I found that it gives me amazing sensations as it goes deeper until I quiver with delight when it is all the way in. Not for beginners but once you can take the huge head and slide down it is esquisite!!
May 21, 2016
Tag Team
I don't need this much length...However, This cock is long enough that i can attach it to one end of my bath tub and then at the other end attach another dildo so i can more easily take it from both ends! Love it!
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Sep 15, 2014
King Dong
it works wonders, you have to try it, feels amazing and have to use it very carefully with passion
fatassdon Verified Buyer
Jun 28, 2014
Better than the white one
I find it funny that people have given the white one 5 stars, but nobody has reviewed this one. Well, it's BETTER, because black dildos don't stain like white ones! LOVE THE WAY THIS FEELS ALL THE WAY UP MY ASS!
Ms. sunny side Verified Buyer
Jun 26, 2014
Intimidating, to say the least.
This thing is HUGE. The pictures do it no justice! Not only is it big, but it's also heavy, which is a bit of a down side for me. It's a bit hard, as well, where I prefer my toys to feel a bit softer. That isn't to say that this toy is bad, it's quite amazing actually. If you like to feel full (like myself) you'll love it!
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Apr 8, 2014
Rambone delivers
The Rambone Dong Delivers in truly deep and meaningful ways; superb, sturdy and loads of fun. All of the veins are wonderful !
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Mar 31, 2014
OMG - SIB (Size is better)
My wife and I have a very open sharing relationship. We've joked about, "bigger is better," and the two sides of the issues, yes/no. During the last few play sessions my wife finds that the thickest dildo is the favorite for ending a session. To resolve the curiosity Rambone is now on the scene and being introduced in small increments. Wow, bigger is better. The only disappointment is that the suction cup is totally insufficient for the weight/side of Rambone.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Mar 28, 2014
Awesome feeling
This is one great dildo, it's long and wide and the suction cup works ok But could be better just cause it is heavy. One thing I wish that it was a little softer but it works great If your looking for a ass full,than this is it. :)
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Mar 21, 2014
pleasently surprised
we got the dick rambone as a gift. At first glance, it's long and hard and veiny... You think to yourself "That can't possibly feel good!" After the first time we used it, i asked my girlfriend if the veins and roughness was uncomfortable, and surprisingly she said it was actually an added pleasent sensation. I love watching big toys sliding into her tight pussy so i was really loooking forward to playing with this one. I used plenty of lube put it into my harness and I slid it into her so i could fuck her good with weight of my body. It took a little while but i eventually got all but about 3 inches deep inside her hole. it was bending with the pressure of my weight and she came and came and came! Maybe, with a little training and practice she will be able to take the whole thing. we're gonna give it a try again tonight. if your wife or girlfriend likes it deep then we highly recommend this one.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jan 28, 2014
my wife was shocked when she first saw it wanted to send it back but ended up loving it and i loved watching her with it spreading her open definatley not for a begginer its huge glad i bought it
T&J Verified Buyer
Oct 30, 2013
It is as long or longer than we imagined. Thick but not to thick. We are very, very, VERY pleased. though I can only take 8 inch's of it. I love it and the hubby loved watching. The intimidation factor gets me so excited. It has a very large suction cup and wont fit the ring for our strap on harness so we will have to get a larger ring. other than that lay back and get your mind blown. highly recommend for size kings or queens.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Aug 25, 2013
Right Fit
This RamBone dildo is perfect as a intermediate user. Great for personal play or with a partner. Could take a while to be able to take all the way.
Dagny M. Reardone Verified Buyer
Jul 1, 2013
Rambone will offer you inches of fun for years to cum! OMG, how can anyone claim that they can bury this bad boy in their orifice? Lord knows I've tried! I'm pleased with the feel of the material and the texture. The girth was a bit intimidating at first, butt a little lube was all I needed to take on this tall order. Rambone does a great job of stretching out my pussy. It definitely helps if you want to graduate to fisting! :-D It can be helpful to have a partner since it can get heavy when trying to fuck yourself. The suction cup is useful for solo time. Just pop it on the floor and mount it like a gymnast! Just recently I gushed like Old Faithful by straddling its immensity. I'm just now working this behemoth into my ass. It's a real sphincter wrecker! It will either push your lunch back into your stomach or clean you out and it's always a mystery as to which it will be. Butt if you're not a gaper yet, you will be! Nothing helps me express my inner whore more than the glorious Rambone!
Grant Verified Buyer
May 12, 2013
OMG second time is a Charm!!
Mission accomplished!!!!!! After receiving this just over a month ago, and trying it out minutes after its arrival. I couldn't take the whole thing. Was a little confused/disappointed, but then again this is not for the faint of heart or the beginner. Well today I was able to hit the base for the first. AWESOME BUY! Now looking forward to the double ended hand/fist!!! Thanks again ;-)
Anonymous Verified Buyer
May 6, 2013
I got this as a surprise for my wife and I, and it did exactly that. First, it is huge. Far larger than anything else we have. The pictures simply do not do it justice. We bring it out when one or the other of us is feeling particularly agressive. It is thicker than our "large" plug which we use to warm me up. Once I am relaxed to the large plug I can still count on the rush of being streached again, and unlike the plug it is not tapered. The FULL sensation is mind blowing. With lots of lube she starts working it and can make me cum without touching. It is that wild and intense even though I can barely take half. My wife is a little thing and very tight. With lube and a little patience she starts to rock her hips back. The huge unyielding fullness makes for terriffic orgasms to watch. They must feel incredible to her. Build quality is top notch. The suctioncup is strong enough to keep it standing and secure while riding it. A feat in itself considering the weight of it. It is also rigid enough to stand up, not flop out or be difficult to handle or insert. Plenty of texture so you know it is sliding but not to much to prevent swift movement. Top notch!
Grant Verified Buyer
Apr 10, 2013
OMG second time is a Charm!!
I obtained (adult bookstore) this toy several years ago (1995) and could not take but about 6-7in. Left it with and ex, so just forgot about it! I ordered from you a week ago. It arrived on 4/10/13 at 2:20pm. Opened it as soon as I brought it in the house. WOW how it looked the same!! :-) Did a few things around the house, but after about 35 min., cleaned up and had to try it out!!! How I was amazed I let it go so long ago!!! Got some lube and poppers and tried it on for size (pun intended)! Was so pleased at the feeling and how much I was able to take now (all but one inch). Yes it is a little stiff, but if you are able to move while inserting, it seams to be doable!! Have to fight with that last inch? LOL Sure I will be able to take the whole thing very soon... Looking forward to my next purchase.
luvingitdeepandoften Verified Buyer
Mar 1, 2013
I've met my match
I just found this incredible monster cock, when I purchased it I bought a few smaller toys with the intent to work up to take on my monster cock, after fucking my new smaller toys I knew I couldn't wait, it was time to fuck my dream cock, I took the big cock head slowly, then took it an inch at a time, with every inch of this hard cock I was closer to heaven, so far I've been able to fuck about ten inches of wonderful cock, now if it only ejaculated and vibrated I wouldn't ever fuck a real cock again.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Feb 15, 2013
Freakishly Frightening!
Ohhhhh...Mmmmmm...Ggggg! I had read the reviews on this, so I had some idea of what to expect, but truth is, I was deluding myself. I removed it from the box, and without even looking at it, it felt like I was holding a 10 lb weight. I took a peek and my jaw bounced off the floor. I'm almost afraid of this thing. There is no way this is going up my coocachu without rearranging some internal organs. But the funny part is, I once met a guy back when my virginity was still intact. Things got started...he dropped trou and I dropped the door in my race out of the room. It's been 20 years, and I've been looking for him ever since. I may have found his 'mold'. :)
hugeanal Verified Buyer
Jan 1, 2013
WOW,when this thing arrived i was like no theres no way i can take that in my ass.After using smaller toys to open me up,I finally got it in,and OMG,it was great. This thing will really open up an ass.Haven't gotten it all the way in yet.Its a little stiff to make the "curve".But I do enjoy the girth of this monster.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Dec 13, 2012
Perfect,not too thick,just right.
This big boy takes a few months to finally bury it, but when you do you feel a. Stretched full and b. Happy you finally conquered it! I love riding this until only a half inch is inside and then slowly pushing it back in 12-13 inches, then speed up slowly until you are slamming a foot in and out while you gasp for breath as you moan, so good! Again, perfect thickness as the thick head stretches out your rectum while the thinner shaft lets it bend until full.
hellrazor Verified Buyer
Nov 24, 2012
good god almighty
so i was thinking it was gonna be smaller then it looked so i bought it and when i got this beast out of the box it was insane.... i did a thickness check and mine was 8 1/4 around and thats the size of a soda can to be on point but omg i love it. i only got about 5in up my ass but i plan on using it as much as i can. if you get it realize how big it is first and if you get it your gonna love it. i plan on getting alot more as soon as i get this one in as much as i want.
HotN'HornyMama59 Verified Buyer
Nov 17, 2012
After Reading Various Comments, I Will Be Buying This Big Boy For Myself!
I'm getting wet and cumming just reading the comments on how big this Dick Rambone Dildo/Dong Is!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see how many inches of those 13.40 "insertable length" inches that I can fill and ram into my pussy but will most definitely not try it up my bung hole cuz it's very small and I will most definitely bleed if I try putting it in there! I can just imagine how full, good and hurt my pussy will feel cuz when my husband goes to the hilt/bottom, it makes me cum all over his cock a lot!!!!!!!
mylovesqueen Verified Buyer
Nov 6, 2012
Freaking Awesome toy!!!
At first I was a little afraid of it after I got it home. The longer I waited to open it the more excited and curious I got about it. I had to wait till the kids went to bed, I recommend a water based lubricant like astroglide works great trust me you will need it. I took this awesome monster and held it in my hands and stroked it before I even put lubricant on myself. I knew this was the right product for me because it us the closest thing to the love of my life's size he is huge and I love every part of him. Do not let the size of this magnificent monster scare you, it just takes practice. I just got this and I LOVE IT!!! At first just the head was tight with just lubricant once I was more relaxed and able to feel how awesome and fulling this beast was the more rambone just seemed to slide right in. Gives you awesome orgasms, I was only doing this vaginally. I was able to get about 10 inches in me in one sitting I will get there with all of it with practice. Just know your limits and really really enjoy yourself while pleasing yourself to the max. I am so happy I bought this you will not be dissapointed at all. I have a new found love for my love being this big. Awesome awesome product.
weakndaknees Verified Buyer
Oct 29, 2012
good gawd
We got this monster home and Waited a couple days before playing with it.The wife couldnt fit it in her tight pussy,but I took over half in my ass after fifteen minutes of working with it. damn this thing is massive,just wist it were more flexible,if it were I plobably could have taken the whole thing,wont go around the curve.
dick ramcone Verified Buyer
Oct 9, 2012
Great product for stretching my ass and love the length
would buy it again for the length
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jun 1, 2012
Shit does not fit in anyone its a lie! could not get that in my kookah!!
buttpirate Verified Buyer
May 24, 2012
Ohhhhhh so good
I've had this puppy for over a year now and I never tire of it. Soft enough for you to "try" and get it past your sigmoid sphincter but firm enough fo you to plant that suction cup and ride for hours. Use lots of lube...lots and lots of lube. Some are better than others with this material. This toy cleans up really nicely and quick too.
CD Verified Buyer
Sep 12, 2011
Only one word describes this dildo "WOW"
This dildo is not for begginers. It took me a good 3 months before I could take most of this dildo in my ass and I've been fucking my ass for years with other big dildos. The material is very firm, you can feel the veins and texture easily. The suction cup is great on any smooth surface. It is heavy and single hand usage will get tiring after 15-20 minutes. When inserted deeply because of the firm texture it doesn't bend as well as The Gonzo but then the Gonzo has a different feel altogether. I love this dildo and I usually can come 6 - 8 times when I use this. I give this a 9 for physical sensation and a 10 for visual. I mean it looks awesome when you see a huge long fat dildo going that deep into a human body. Good luck and many orgasms to you.
ms.john Verified Buyer
Sep 11, 2011
I love this dildo
I have use the dick Rambone for years and i love it,and yes it gives me great pleasure..I take every inch of it inside me,and cum like crazy..this is great for those that crave big cock inside them as i do..I'm also a Shemale too and i makes my hole look and feel like a pussy,got horny guys that love fucking me,they cant believe how wet i stay..thanks Rambone..xoxo joann
Lora S. Verified Buyer
May 18, 2011
By Far the biggest toy ever!
My boyfriend Chris wanted to see me take a big black cock inside my hot sweet shaved pussy so I decided to purchase this HUGE dildo. This is the biggest dildo I have ever had inside me. It is by far the biggest toy in my collection. It's very hard to fit it inside my tight pussy, but in time I'm sure I will be able to take more of it in. I've never experienced anything like it before, it feels really good and fills me up completely. I love to watch the expression on my boyfriend's face as I insert it into my pussy. It makes me even WETTER to just see his reaction to me taking it all inside me. Only time will tell as to how much of it I will be able to take. I look forward to many more hot erotic nights using it.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
May 17, 2011
Rambone Lives up to Reputation
Found this at the local store and just knew I had to have it. I was looking for something on the larger size to test my hole's limits and this was amazing. I got home and cleaned it up. I covered it in lube and sat on the head. I tried a Rambone a long time ago but couldn't take it, now I had no trouble. It felt so good as the head of Rambone widened my hole. I pushed deepeer and ended up taking 9-10 inches of this monster dong!! I loved that the dong was long enough to be able to post up and down in a squatting position - something you can't do with most dongs. It felt so good... I decided to try and ride it in the crab crawl position (leaning back on all four). It was the greatest feeling I've ever gotten from a dong!! I kept going faster and faster.. Finally, to my amazement, I came without a single stroke to my cock - I've never had this happen before but the Rambone Cock hit my prostate so well that it made me cum. So awesome!!! Recommended to everyone!! Take plenty of time to appreciate all the different positions and sensations this dong allows you to experience! Enjoy!
Recliner Verified Buyer
Apr 27, 2011
know your Ass
The first one of these I bought was in a store in Denver. Good thing the clerk didn't make me feel too self conscious. It took two large bags to carry it out of the store concealed. I got it home and tried working it in my ass. It took me a week to get the head in. At the time, I had a lazyboy recliner. I found that I could bend the massive cock in half and roll it in my ass. What I was not aware of is, but the colon goes to the left side, but I was feeding it to the right. In other words, the thing had to twist and turn as it fed into my ass. It hurt like hell, but I finally got it up there. Then I went on the internet to see how my insides are shaped. I started feeding it from the other side and it went in much easier. After months of working out with it, I could get most of it in me. Then came the fun. In the most intense workouts I had with this monster, I would shove it as far as it would go, leave it up there until I could not stand it any more and pull it out as fast as possible, sometimes twisting it on the way out. My whole body would convulse in Ecstasy over and over again. Can you say (head cleaner)?
K-Reils Verified Buyer
Apr 16, 2011
Patience is a Virtue
This is by far the biggest thing I have ever put in my butt-pussy. I could only take a little at first, but after a few week's practice I could almost take it all. This toy is certainly not for beginners, but if you have a lot of patience (and a lot of lube) to get used to it, prepare for some of the most intense orgasms you'll ever have.
mymeltingasshole Verified Buyer
Feb 15, 2011
best product I ever inserted in my ass
Great size, feels very life like, perfect thickness. Not so good with the smell, but I can manage. Can't get enough of it, just finished using it and I'm ready to ride it again and again. I will get another of the same as soon as I tear this one up. With all the usage, I give it a month or so...mmmmmmmm !!!!
acctwife Verified Buyer
Nov 30, 2010
This is not for the faint of heart, it is huge!! It was a lot larger than I expected it to be, even though I actually used a tape measure to estimate it's size before hand. That being said, now that I am used to it, it is one toy I have to have. I am a "size queen", so this is a very satisfying toy. All I can warn potential buyers about, is make sure you want something this large. I can see some people ordering it, then finding out they can't or are unwilling to use it.
Cyd Verified Buyer
Oct 15, 2010
Biggest Dildo Ever
When I got this in the mail, I was shocked by the size of it. I had never handled anything this big and I'm a black woman. However once it was in my pussy, it was all game. This is the best dildo I have ever had. Don't be scared of it and you gonna need a lot of lube. However, it feels so good inside of me.
Slider Verified Buyer
Sep 20, 2010
This is the best dildo I have ever used.
I purchased this item about 2 weeks ago. All I can say is WOW. So far I have been able to get about half of it in. It is without saying the best dildo I have ever used and I have had quite a few. I recommend this highly if you really want that full feeling, a great item.
Love to please! Verified Buyer
Aug 3, 2010
Got this for my gf not thinking she'd ever let me try it. After some talking and lots of lube, she gave in. Once she relaxed, this hunk of a cock slid right where it needed to go, stretching her pussy and making her moan in delightful ecstasy. I absolutely LOVE watching her cum all over this huge cock!
Terri Verified Buyer
Jul 29, 2010
Got to be brave!
This thing is massive. It took me awhile to be able to take much of it, but once I could, I couldn't leave it alone. Not for the timid, but every girl who likes a challenge should have one!
Anal Cum-Dumpster Verified Buyer
Jul 18, 2010
This is the last dildo you will ever buy!
I started exploring my ass for pleasure when I was a child and have not stopped. I have shoved almost everything imaginable up my ass and many hung studs have fucked me before, but nothing compares to Dick Rambone. The girth and length are challenging, but with the suction cup base it is easy to mount and get up your ass. It stays put allowing you to keep it buried deeply and test your limits. I can take almost the entire dong leaving but 3-4 inches left. It is always satisfying and never too small for even the most advanced ANAL enthusiasts. I have bought many many dildos before, but this one I have had for a few years and use almost exclusively now. Always ENEMA thoroughly and use extra large condoms with the dildo to make the insertion and the clean-up easy and quick.
vigin azz Verified Buyer
Jul 8, 2010
dick rambone
I got this big ole black mutha out of the box, ran to my room and I was disappointed I could get nothing but the head in my butt. I thought I was a tru soldier! The head felt good, but its too big for me.
Pammy Jean RN Verified Buyer
Jun 14, 2010
Nice & big
My hubby wants me to try a big cock so he got me this (he is small - only 6"). At first, I said no way, but with lots of lube, I left him use it on me. Took a while, but now I love how it fills me up and makes me feel. Sends me over the edge every time and I love watching him push it in and out of me. MMMMMMmm
KDC1956 Verified Buyer
May 18, 2010
Nice size dildo
I have had two of these and now need a new one. I have taken it to the max only a few times. Yes, it does hurt, but I like a little pain at times. My wife has used this on me a few times too. She could not believe how much I could take up my ass. Even though it hurts a little, I would like to see one in a size a little bigger! This is a 2 and 1/2" wish it came in a 2 and 3/4" The price here is the best I have ever found on this dildo.
elmer Verified Buyer
Mar 16, 2010
wife loves it...
Whenever my wife tells me she want to "play", she goes straight for this one. She love to slam this monster all the way in my ass and go as hard as she can while she uses the slapper and turns my cheeks red. Of course, she will insert it slowly at first but, with in minutes, it's ass pounding time. This black one is pretty soft, flexible and deeply veined compared to the white/beige one which tend to be pretty stiff. Definitely an eye opener/popper! It's not my favorite monster, but since my wife enjoy making me whimper with this one, I'm more than happy to oblige and obey her wishes.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Mar 14, 2010
I love it big and this delivers. Well worth the money.
Staff Pick - Justin Verified Buyer
Feb 15, 2010
Staff Review
Doc Johnson Dick Rambone is a enormous, monster dong. Molded after the eponymous porn star, infamous for his well-equipped tool, this intimidating piece of rubber fills a volunteer fifteen inches deep. You may gawk at such a monstrosity, but the proof is in the pounding. Do not attempt this with out lube and an exit strategy!
Staff Pick - Justin Verified Buyer
Feb 15, 2010
Staff Review
Doc Johnson Dick Rambone is a enormous, monster dong. Molded after the eponymous porn star, infamous for his well-equipped tool, this intimidating piece of rubber fills a volunteer fifteen inches deep. You may gawk at such a monstrosity, but the proof is in the pounding. Do not attempt this with out lube and an exit strategy!
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Dec 1, 2009
ram is right
Ram and Cram well worth the money, the stretch is so f!$# amazing you will fall in love. Toy is only for the brave!!!!
Oct 19, 2009
How much of "DICK RAMBONE" can you take up your ASS?
I have had my Dick Rambone Dildo for a long time & although I have come close (2-3 inches) from feeling my stretched out hole touching the big balls at the base. 5 inches is about my limit with this dong. I have taken over 18 inches when I made an 18 inch double dong vanish a few times before. Dick rambone however is so thick it is not as flexible as I need for full insertion However the girth really paralyzes me & I cum without a stroke to my cock at all. Every time I use it it always feels as good as before. Never disappointing the person that is able to take it as deeply as this dong can go.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Oct 3, 2009
got me hooked
It was huge...and we liked it. Thick, stiff, and, well, surprisingly heavy.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jul 6, 2009
It worked better than expected for me and my husband as well. I used it as a after sex pleasure to masturbate again. My husband loved for me to use as an anal too on him and let me tell you that was awesome for both of us. He loved the stretching as much as I did. The price is well worth the ride it gives.
Insideout Verified Buyer
Jul 4, 2009
I reached my limit
This is by far the best tool I've ever owned. I never went as deeply as I did with this one. When I saw it arrived it gave me a nervous breakdown. My hart started to beat real fast as I ran to the bathroom to do an enema. I had to be ready for the penetration of my lifetime. I will mary this dildo. As a matter of fact my last name will be Rambone.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jun 4, 2009
Don't let the numbers fool you, this thing is huge. When I first took it out of the packaging I gasped at the size. It was amazing - sturdy yet flexible. I immediately went to the bathroom and washed up for a fun time. Even after relaxing and using tons of lube, I still couldn't get more than 3 inches in my ass. I guess I'm just that tight! I've used lots of other dildos before like the Stryker, but even that couldn't prepare me for Rambone. Only time will tell if I can take it.
Unknown Verified Buyer
May 24, 2009
Best purchased made
This was the best thing i bought. I am a man and believe me i took every inch of this in my arse. It was the most pain i have been in but it is worth the ride of this big cock. I do it everyday just cant get enough of this big boy. My bum hole has been stretched rite out wide with this everyone should try it.
Long and Strong Verified Buyer
May 16, 2009
Oh Ya
I have 2. Beige and black.Excellent material. Easy to clean and keep clean. Excellent suction cup.For solo it is hard to beat no pun intended.Nice tapered end. Firm material for hands free insertion once you get going.Flexible enough to work it how you want.I got the last one on this site for almost half of what I paid at a local adult store. You won't be disappointed,trust me. I would pay $100 for this Goliath.
Phillup MyASSwithCUM Verified Buyer
May 6, 2009
Review of DJ0268-01
When I forced my ASS down atop this massive fucktoy I nearly passed out! Impaled, breathless & with my eyes popping out of my skull I raised & lowered my ASS slowly. I saw most of the thick & lengthy shaft penetrate me so deeply. Within seconds a powerful orgasm had me convulsing & shrieking. My asshole puckering around the massive girth & clenching tightly then relaxing & opening even wider than the dong. Truly pleasing This dong enabled my ass to take 2 cocks as well as a fist past the wrist! One of my favorites of all time!!!
Phillup MyASSwithCUM Verified Buyer
Apr 30, 2009
Review of DJ0268-01
Well I just ADORE this huge DONG! I own quite a big collection of Jumbo-Insertables but this one is far & away my favorite. It is so long & thick that my ASS will stay gaped wide open for minutes when I pull it out! It feels like a Greyhound Bus driving up my ASSHOLE it is so huge. I cum from this dong without even a single stroke to my cock! It is ANAL HEAVEN on EARTH. Thanks to this DONG I now enjoy taking 2 cocks up my ass together. I was not flexible enough ANALLY until this monster began stretching my ANAL FUCKSLOT. I have taken almost the entire length up my ASS & I will someday get all 18 inches buried in my backdoor! Never does my ASS feel unsatisfied after using this WONDERFUL FUCKTOY
narc@ssistic Verified Buyer
Apr 2, 2009
Review of DJ0268-00
In my search for going bigger this was my third purchase. One selling point was the suction cup, and I couldnt wait to get down to some hands free, ride it like its death, ass fucking. However, I found this dongs firmness to be a bit too much for me, and it was more painful than a pleasure. It was quickly modified, and, in the end, I salvaged it for the suction cup and tossed the rest away. Soon the suction cup became the base for what I like to call the Frankenhooker (yes, after the movie) because I had used that purple super-glue on it. Ha, ha... My VERY CLOSE friends I shared this with laughed!! The other half of it is a modified version of the first Doc Johnsons The Hand I had bought. I also used an auger to place a bullet vibrator inside which works nicely!! Caviat Emptor!!
ichoteez1 Verified Buyer
Feb 2, 2009
Review of CNVELD-DJ0268-01
the first time i used this fine piece of work, i worked just the head in my tight ass and blew a HUGE wad. Each time i fuck my self, i try to take more every time...believe it or not i am over the half way mark...my goal is to take it ALL. It gets me off every time too....LOADS of fun. It bends just enough and yet stiff enuf to ride like a pony
anal dude Verified Buyer
Dec 26, 2008
Review of DJ0268-00
This is a great dong !!!! The head is a bit thicker as the rest and you really feel it going up your ass. It stretches like nothing else, I stick it on the shower wall and ride it doggy style or on a chair and lower myself on it. After using this I need a bit more and usually end up with The Hand up my bum. Cant wait now.
mathews31.5 Verified Buyer
Jul 31, 2008
Review of DJ0268-00
my wife and i have used rambone a couple of times and she loves it. she loves to ride him stuck on the wall doggy style in her pussy while sucking my cock. does have a bit of an odor but you will get used to it. the girth is just rite for her also she loves the way he fills her pussy all the way up. well worth the money. cant wait to try bam tonite. new and satisified customer
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jul 28, 2008
Review of DJ0268-00
It was A LOT bigger than I thought it would be so it is of no use to me. I didnt even take it out of the package. I would send it back but by the time I paid for the shipping back to you, waited for a refund and paid shipping for a different product I could have driven to the local toy shop and bought one cheaper.
Anal Abyss Verified Buyer
Jul 17, 2007
Review of DJ0268-00
This is the ultimate satisfier when it comes to big dongs! Wow was I paralyzed with this monster pumping in & out of my ass! It gets deeper & stretches wide it feels like heaven! I love to see how much of it I can cram up my ass! I can nearly take it all. Orgasms cum in seconds with this up your ass!
Anal Abyss Verified Buyer
Jun 20, 2007
Review of DJ0268-01
This by far is my favorite dong! I have had several different dongs in the past everything from double dongs to realistics & in between. Dick Rambone is what my ass screams for when it needs to be fucked. It is so long & thick & secures to any smooth surface. I stick it to walls the tub the floor & a doors. Then with a well greased asshole I begin my descent. It takes a few seconds to work in the tip & begin posting up & down. Slowly I shove it in me deeper & deeper. I love to see just how much I can take! Over a foot I take up my ass now after much practice.However I know soon I will be able to take every last inch & feel my asscrack bottoming out on the big round balls at the base of it! This dong makes me cum as many times as I want in a night. When it is in my ass deeply I can stroke my cock for a few seconds & I cum again & again! Pump Dick Rambone up your ass & you will see!!!!
lelo-pa. Verified Buyer
Jun 4, 2007
Review of DJ0268-00
Wow! I was shocked when I opened the package. WARNING! This is not a small cock. I didnt realize how big it was until I got it home. This dong is very wide and long! Ive been trying to work it in my ass little-by-little, but its tough for a beginner. So think about this one before you buy it.
Maria Verified Buyer
May 25, 2007
Review of DJ0268-01
We already have several different dildos and after watching a porn DVD hubby decided to order this one after I commented about black men. He didnt tell me though until we were in the midst of tring role playing. He likes to show me on cam and had secured my legs to the chair spread wide open. When he was putting some lube on me he opened a drawer and pulled out this dildo. He rubbed it on my clit a bit then started inserting it slowly telling me now was my chance to see what this black dildo would feel like. I was shocked when he told me to take over or else. Much against my better judgement I really had no choice. He had me too hot to care so I obeyed. When he knew I was cumming he untied my feet since I had cooperated so far. Then he put a blanket down and had me lay on my back and took over as I pleasured him with oral. This was a thrill for both of us and this is the best dildo by far! I wonder if itll ever be the real thing someday.
Anal Abyss Verified Buyer
May 12, 2007
Review of DJ0268-01
If U like big dongs, then this one is a required purchase! This is not for the meek or inhibited. It is so long & thick that it will touch you in places never before probed in your lifetime! I enema first & prepare my asshole for taking this monster. Once done with maintenance I grab the KY jelly or Astroglide & squeeze it right into my asshole. U can never use too much lube. Then I stick the base of the dong to the floor & pull a chair over to it. Supporting my weight I lower my ass & push down on the dong until it pierces my anus & I feel the tip inside me. Now my eyes pop out of my head as my hole is stretched wide. I relax my hole so it takes some more length & push it in further. The deeper it gets up my ass the more paralyzed I become! With this dong a foot or better up my ass I cannot move at all. It feels like a bus is driving through my asshole! I then slowly post up & down on it & within a few minutes or less I shake & convulse with orgasm. So intensely I climax that huge ropes of cum shoot from my cock without even a single cockstroke! A really fuckin wonderful dong! I have many large toys but this by far is my favorite dong ever!
mitch Verified Buyer
May 6, 2007
Review of DJ0268-01
this toy is a BIG one! it met and exceeded my expectations... its opened me up more and more. Try it, YOU WILL definitely like it!
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Mar 21, 2007
Review of DJ0268-00
This is the biggest and best dildo in my collection. It leaves me drained and I sleep like a baby when I am thru using it. Got anything thicker?
Gary Verified Buyer
Jan 29, 2007
Review of DJ0268-00
Im 64 years old and have been into anal most of my life. Bought this for myself at the same time as I got the Natural for my 65 year old wife (see review). Prior to getting this BAD BOY, the most Id ever put up my ass was 10 inches. Was a little skeptical about taking the extra 5 inches but with lots of lube I found it to be no problem at all. I lubed it and my asshole up really good and took the entire thing on the first try. My wife really gets off when I let her use this on me. She thrusts it in and out with a force that makes me weak in the knees and I shoot a wad like you wouldnt believe possible from a man my age. If youre into anal, you must try this one. Worth every cent.
jenny Verified Buyer
Jan 27, 2007
Review of DJ0268-01
Worth every penny. Two years ago I was a lonely unstatisfied housewife, my husband and I have been married for 12 years and we needed to spice things up. One day he suprised me with it just before we were about to go to sleep, believe me we were up all night. At first I didnt think I would be able to take it, cause I have only ever had my hubbys little dick in me, but after a little work and a lot of lub I took it all. After slow shallow pumps to warm me up my husband was fucking in a way I never thought possible. I came 2 times before I had to stop. Soon after using this product I wanted to continue to build on our sexual exploration so we invited one of my husbands friends in one time. Carl was very big also and a lot better lover than my husband, so when we got this out he really showed me how to use it. Carl and the Rambone took turns fucking my wet pussy. At one point they managed to fit the Rambone in my ass while Carl continued to fuck my pussy.I came so many times I couldnt count. Now, I sneak over to Carls house at least twice a week to get a real work out. I recommend this product to everyone, it is a life changer.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Nov 9, 2006
Review of DJ0268-01
This is the most amazing toy, I have taken it all the way and I have never experienced anything like it. Totally phenonomal. The fattest part is a couple of inches below the head, once you get past that it narrows and your ass just inhales it down to 12 inches. The last three inches are hard work, spend more time, well worth it when you look in the mirror and see its gone. Feels awesome coming out.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Oct 19, 2006
Review of DJ0268-01
Its huge! I thought it will never go in but I tried it right away after warm up with smaller dildos and I took about 9 inches but no more would go in. The next morning I tried again very slow and easy with lots of lube and standing up - it went in all the way to the balls. What a fantastic feeling as I slid it in and out, those vains drive you wild, I was sweaty and breathless, my legs were weak the rest of the day from my hard-on and the long climax. I tried again this morning but could only take 9 inches again but I know I can take it all again. You must be really relaxed, slow and well lubed, dont hurry or it wont go in or you could hurt yourself. Well worth the money.
Jim Verified Buyer
Oct 17, 2006
Review of DJ0268-01
The Rambone just arrived today and I couldnt wait to try it. Based on what others said about it being really big, I bought two others a 2 and 2 1/4 plus a 3 as I want to work up; I regularly use a 2 1/4 butt plug but want variety. This Rambone is great, I warmed up with a 1 3/4 butt plug then the other new ones and the experience was fantastic. About 9 of the Rambone is all I could get in and I wonder if it is physically possible to take more. I wouldnt recommend using it without warm-up as someone could hurt themselves. My warm up was only about 10 minutes but I am very experienced. Some people think you have to hurt and bleed to get ready for big plugs and dildos but that isnt true in fact you could seriously hurt yourself without experience and good warm ups; inexperienced users may take years to work up to these big ones. Ive used smaller dildos and butt plugs for over 20 years. Im hetrosexial, you dont have to be homosexial to enjoy butt play. Sure wish my wife wasnt so up tight, shes really missing out.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Oct 17, 2006
Review of DJ0268-01
This is the most incredible dong Ive ever purchased. Its huge but not too big. Dont purchase and expect to take it all. The length is nice to have it mounted somewhere and be able to ride it comfortably. Nice heavy duty suction base will hold up. Awesome anal pleasure.
stretchmagic Verified Buyer
Oct 13, 2006
Review of DJ0268-00
i got this as a gift a few years back. I still can not take it completely -- its a wonder! i can get it to about 13 my limit. Its fun, a bit stiff. I use mineral oil on this baby
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Oct 13, 2006
Review of DJ0268-00
Great looking dong! its too stiff for our liking. My wife straped it on and tried it but, due to the stiffness of material, its impossible to accomodate more than half of it. No, it wasnt worth the price, only if they made it more flexable and soft.
brian Verified Buyer
Sep 17, 2006
Review of DJ0268-00
Out of this World!! Been playing with dildos since i was fucked by my neighbor when i was 16 and love it. i have had this toy for about 2months and first time i managed 10in!! i thought i was goin to pass out from the intense deep fucking. after some nice long assplay sessions i have managed to go 12in up my Very lubed up hole. cant wait to squat down and take the final inches up my manhole. when i invite guys over for some hot deep assplay they are just blown away when i bring this dildo out to fuck my hole. i just sit on it and bounce up and down while i suck their cock. already lookin for a thicker dildo to spread my hole to extreem limits.
Bear Verified Buyer
Aug 9, 2006
Review of DJ0268-00
This is an Update to the previous review that I had done several years ago. After having owned this MONSTER DILDO for about 3 years and NEVER having been able to insert it more than 3 or 4 inches into my asshole because it HURT TOO DAMN MUCH , Well FINALLY I was able to insert about 8 to 10 inches into my ass AND BOY DID IT EVER FEEL GREAT!!! Made me CUM so damn good & CUM Hard after I rode it like a pony for about 12 good long slow strokes !!! FELT SO GOOD. OF Course, my rectum/spincter was somewhat sore for a few days. I waited about a week later and did it again !!! Just GREATT !!! I give the RamBone a 12++ !!!
Liz Verified Buyer
Jun 29, 2006
Review of DJ0268-00
My Husband and I have been together for 12 Years, and he is HUNG LIKE A HORSE(10 1/2 x 7). He ordered me this as a Suprize, because he has to be gone on business at least one week a month. When it came in and he pulled it out one night I could not believe how long it was. Just over 13 to the balls. My Husband has never gotten all 10 1/2 in me in 12 years, I usually only take about 9. So when I saw this Monster Cock my Pussy got so HOT. The first time I had a chance when he was gone I told myself I was going to somehow get all of this Monster in me. It Took me Three days of use and I mean at least 3 hours a day of use, but I finnaly did it. I swear I could feel this Monster under my Tits. It took a lot of lube and screaming into a pillow, but it was worth every bit of it. I now start Cumming when I get around 11 in and it doesn,t stop for what seams like an hour. GIRLS IM TELLING YOU EVEN IF YOU HAVE NEVER HAD A HUGE COCK BEFORE YOU NEED TO GET THIS BAD BOY AND STRETCH YOUR SELF TO WHERE YOU CAN HANDLE HIM. YOU WILL BE AMAZED AT HOW HARD IT WILL MAKE YOU CUM. THERE IS SOME PAIN AND SCREAMING INVOLVED BUT IT IS WORTH EVERY MASSIVE INCH.
4AFew$$More Verified Buyer
Jun 13, 2006
Review of DJ0268-01
I ordered it and tried it right away. I am a retired self fister so I had no problem taking this one in. It really is 2 1/2 inches thick and heavy. Alot larger than my 10 inch 1 3/4 thick dildo. I could only get about 8 inches in at this massive size, with doing only 200 reps...I switched back to my smaller one but plan on experimenting with this one later today. The veins are great on this one and I like the stiffness... no need to worry if it is curling back on itself. Great to use while watching videos, make sure you have a fan on itll make you work up a sweat! Like another reviewer mentioned spinning or turning it will make it go even deeper.=]
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jun 5, 2006
Review of DJ0268-00
This dong is the best ever I would like to share a great fuck technique.I close the lid on the toilet seat suction this monster down to the lid lube it really good then I slowly lower my asshole down. After working it in and out for a little bit getting me loosened up then I go to town. I grab the lid of the toilet seat and lift it up and down this movement allows me to stand over the toilet in on position and fuck the shit out of my ass. After I fuck my ass for a good ten minutes I then make one final move to burry the entire dong up my ass at that moment I can come with out touching my cock. Everyone should have one of these monsters also try out the technique. Buried to the balls.
helga Verified Buyer
May 19, 2006
Review of DJ0268-00
I absolutely love him. Sometimes I can take it deeper than others, but it ALWAYS makes me cum. I love the way it fills me up and makes me squirt. More women need to try this. I could fuck him for hours. Im single now but with him in my house it doesnt matter so much. I get wet just seeing him or thinking about him inside me. My ex used to love to watch my pussy swallow this huge toy. It was worth every penny and with its length you can use it in so many positions, alone or with a lover. If you like them big, you need this toy. Nothing will ever be as good as this for the times when you need to be filled like no other.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Apr 18, 2006
Review of DJ0268-01
This thing is huge, it fills me up like I never thought possible. The only thing I do not like about it is that it is made of a harder rubber and does not bend very well. That being said, I enjoy it almost everyday. I have only taken the entire thing once. The last half inch is the hardest. but with practice I hope to take it all easily.
dizzydave Verified Buyer
Mar 14, 2006
Review of DJ0268-01
as a man who likes big cocks this one is the real deal the first time i sat on this monster i shot my load all over my wife and our male freind now she cant keep me off of it
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Mar 10, 2006
Review of DJ0268-00
What can I say but OH MY GOD! I have been using this dildo for over 4 years now and my wife used it on me for the first time last night, as she did not think I ever used it because of its size. Boy was she surprised when she was able to get 13 inches up my ass. I came so hard as she was ramming this baby home, I collapsed and just shook for 20 minutes. Best ass reaming ever and cant wait to do it again tonight. I also have the LA Special and it is so different, I love using them both, especially the LA Special first to open me up and then this bad boy, and now I am looking for yet another adventure, Larger.
Emma - Wales Verified Buyer
Feb 20, 2006
Review of DJ0268-01
My husband bought this for me as I said Id always wanted a black cock in me coz Id heard they were so big....hubby about 8 and always satisfied me. When we got this out,I measured it laid on my back and couldnt believe Id get something so big inside me!! So with plenty of lube we started. At first it really stretched me and I could only get about 7 in, but I begged him not to stop through my screams of orgasm-wonder what the neighbours thought! I already felt up to my tits, but suddenly I felt my pussy give inside and had this amazing feeling as another 4 slid into me! OMG this was the most cock Id ever had inside me!! I looked down and couldnt believe how much was in there!!! It felt amazing as my husband pushed it in and out-feeling 10 slide in and out all the way is indescibable!!! Couldnt walk next day!! havent taken it all yet-12 now, but am using it everyday in the attempt....I WILL TAKE IT ALL!!!! Em x
robert Verified Buyer
Jan 15, 2006
Review of DJ0268-01
this is one of the best toys that I have Im working myself up to a fisting and this has been extremely helpful I leave mine hanging on my shower wall so I can get a good fucking every morning my boy loves to use it on me before he fucks my ass it does feel so good strocking my dick while having it buried all the way in me when I cum its sooo intense well worth the buy
Jk Verified Buyer
Jan 12, 2006
Review of DJ0268-00
I waited a long time to get this dong in and was a little disappointed in how hard it really is. I got it in the mail and immediately took it to the bathroom and did my ass lubing routine. It wouldnt quite go in so I took my Jeff Stryker out and did some pratice squats on it till I was loosened up. I did get Rambone in me and talk about pain, not only in my ass, but my legs as well. I just wish they would remake this one as a super realistic that way its easier on the ass. I think the next one I get will be either John Holmes or Kevin Dean. Something a little softer and more realistic.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jan 11, 2006
Review of DJ0268-00
The first time I fucked this big boy I shot cum all over my leg!! I can feel it pushing hard against my prostate!! I can take 12 inches , but I think thatis all my body will take!!! I highly recommend this, with lots of lube,it gets me breathing so hard I just scream with extasy! nice ass toy
joe Verified Buyer
Dec 30, 2005
Review of DJ0268-01
My wife and I had used other dildos but she was interested in trying something larger. We bought this dildo but when it came she felt it would be too big. After lots of foreplay she said we could try it out. I lubed it up and lubed her pussy. I slowly pushed the head against her pussy. At first it would not fit. I slowly continued to push it against her pussy. Slowly the head went in. Once the head was in I pushed it deeper and deeper. I hit bottom after 8 inches and my wife could barely talk. She just moaned to fuck her with it. I pushed it in and out and after 10 minutes she was taking 10 inches and had an incredible orgasm. She was sore the next day so we dont use it all the time. But when she is really horny she alwasy asks for the big black cock. We love it.
Ken Verified Buyer
Dec 28, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
It is big and I do try to use it every night when I can. I love it up my ass.It hurts when trying to take it all but I still have a little work to get it all the way in me.Can take all but the last 2 of it.I love it.Think after I get done here its time to go play with it again I have used it for a little over a year now. But still wish I could find one with a 2.75 head on it and the rest of it could be the same as this didlo is.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Dec 21, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
Amazing! What else can you say. When i got this bad-boy home i was trembling with excitement! I had never tried anything so massive up my ass! When the wife and kids had left for the day and the coast was clear, i started my adventure. It took me about 10 minutes to get the head of this lovely beast passed my rectum. But when it did pass...WOW! I shoved it in as far and as fast as i could until i felt i was going to pass out. I have never been filled up so fast and full. I have been using it everyday now for the past two weeks and take every inch of it with pleasure. This is the Dildo i have been waiting for all of my life. Anything larger or longer would be sure to do organ damage. Keep up the production on this product. I am sure i will purchase another one, because i fully intend to wear this one out. Satisfied in Montana
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Dec 21, 2005
Review of DJ0268-01
OH MY when i got this,,its huge, i got hard as soon as i opened it up. I wanted to feel this big black monster in me. i rushed to clean myself out, and to start lubing this bad boy up. The moment it touched against my ass i got week to the knees, i pushed down and felt the head slip in.it was amazing soo thick, i kept pushing down forcing it in until my balls were resting on its balls. i coulnt believe i got the whole thing into me. i spent all afternoon riding this big guy im such an anal slut, i would pull off it then slam back down
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Dec 12, 2005
Review of DJ0268-01
I bought this a few weeks ago and am really enjoying myself. I can get about 7 in my ass before it feels like I hit a wall. The girth is so amazing, I found myself cumming without even touching my cock. Hope to get the rest in over the holidays. If anyone has any suggestions on how I could get the rest in, please let me know.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Dec 11, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
This is very big. I thought 2 1/2 inches didnt sound very big, but I can barely take it. It is nice, but be careful, this can hurt you.
GayAnalFill Verified Buyer
Dec 8, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
This is one of the best dildos i ever bought, its huge, it requires alot of lube but once i got it in my ass Wow, it filled me up, i got about half of it and i have some of the most intense orgasms
geoff Verified Buyer
Dec 3, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
this dildo is worth the money but it must be cheap rubber as it stinks.it is also on the hard side which is a shame as it would be great if it was softer so i could get it all in.......i managed 7 inches at first attempt and slowly worked upto around 10 over a few months.....eventually i gave up and trimmed it down to 11 with a sharp knife.......now im happier but you will be sore for a few days after.........if you dont like pain or blood dont buy this-buy something more jelly instead........id give manufacturer 4/10 for trying.
satisified in NM Verified Buyer
Nov 28, 2005
Review of DJ0268-01
I have always wanted a huge black cock and my husband purchased this on a whim. When i first saw it as he opened the box i was in shock, but being one of those people that will try just about anything once i was game.Lol. I was filled to bursting with this sucker and was riding for all i was worth while blowing my hubby. I lost track of how many times cam the other night and am happy to say i am a VERY satisfied user(little sore) but damn!! Will happily do this Big Black Beautiful cock as often as humanly possible. A must have for any lady that has ever had a large cock or has just dreamed about it.
btmboydc Verified Buyer
Nov 22, 2005
Review of DJ0268-01
Wow!!! This is one BIG DIC, Im amazed at the size and circumfrence This is gonna feel so good in my ass, who needs a man around when you have this black stud dildo..Lots of lube and a few drinks and this is gonna be a great thanksgiving weekend
Bottomless_Anus_Anal_Abyss Verified Buyer
Nov 22, 2005
Review of DJ0268-01
I got the Black dick rambone a few weeks ago and I am so satisfied with this huge dong because it make me cum when it goes more than a foot deep in my bunghole. I love taking my dong in the tub and with warm water I enema for a deep clean anal slot . After I empty the H2o out of my ass I take ky and squeeze a big load of it in my anus.Spreading my cheeks I descend down upon it and force the tip in my asshole! A few raises of my ass and I let my ass fall down on top of this huge toy! Soon I feel the base cramming into my stuffed bottom while I am shooting cum in my mouth
Shyne Verified Buyer
Nov 18, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
This dude is huge. Its hard to believe that its made out of a model of a real one. I took it in about half way, after much work, and had one of the best orgasms of my life. My mate got it anally in too.... lets just say we had a night to remember. Do keep in mind that this thing is huge, and will cause pain and bleeding until you get used to it.
cum again Verified Buyer
Nov 17, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
Oh my god! I was at a party recently when I used the upstairs master bathroom of my female boss when I came across Dick. It was lying on the night stand in their room. I had just come out of the bathroom when I noticed it. Being nosey I went over to investigate when I was surprised by my boss and her husband. We had all been drinking, so when they asked me if I wanted to see how it worked I said yes. My boss quickly stripped and engulfed that big dick in her pussy like it was only 6. I turned around to find her husbands also large dick pointing at me. He told me that I should let him loosen me up and with that he slid it in to my already wet snatch. He was about 9 and very thick and I came in seconds. Then my boss told me to get ready to really get fucked and with that see slid that big dick into me with ease. Within seconds she was pounding my pussy. Her husband then gave me my first taste of anal. Having two huge dicks in me at once made me cum in uncontrolled waves. My boss laughed and told me wait till next time, and with that showed me 2 of the dildos/vibraters she had ordered from your store. They make Dick look small, but I can hardly wait. Ive placed a couple of orders myself and am building my own toy collection. Until next time.
Will Verified Buyer
Nov 16, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
WOW...... saw this dildo on this sight and thought I want one of those. I love having this in my ass. Thought there was no way id manage to get it in but after a week of daily use I can take a good 8 inches. I dont even have to wank with this cos im so turned on being fucked with it. Dont be put off by the size of Dick. Where theres a will theres a way. Just wish I could get some real man this size. SUPERB
trannygaper Verified Buyer
Nov 14, 2005
Review of DJ0268-01
Ive had mine for a while now. I consider myself a size queen but this thing is unreal. Its so thick I can only get about 10 in before I have pull out. Once my asshole is well lubed, relaxed, and Ive had it in me for some time...it definitely gets hot real quick. I like to stick it on the wall and stand to take it in. After about 10 minutes or so Im coming back on it so hard and fast that my legs start to shake. For the money, theres nothing better.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Nov 6, 2005
Review of DJ0268-01
WOW! I got this as a suprise for my wife. She enjoys large dildos. I was skeptical that this would not be big enough to make a difference. We are both so glad I ordered it. The black color helps with the fantasy of her getting it from a large black guy, while I also work on her. She now rushs through foreplay and begs for me to get the BIG cock now! She can get about 10 inches in so far, and moans louder then ever! What a turn on for us! What a turn on!
RANDY Verified Buyer
Nov 4, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
tony and april Verified Buyer
Nov 2, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Oct 30, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
I received this as a gag gift at my 22nd birthday party. When I opened it, I was surprised and extremely turned on by it. I kept thinking about it for the next hour. Finally, I went and got some lube from my bedroom, stripped in front of everybody, placed the dong on the coffee table and mounted it. It was larger than I was used to and it took about 30 mins or so before I was getting about 10 inches in my pussy. It was an incredible, liberating feeling having about 20 people watch me fuck myself silly. This dong is definitely worth the price.
michael Verified Buyer
Oct 27, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
My wife couldnt live without this. She is constantly pleasuring herself with Dick. I love the way she sits on top of it and eases herself down until the whole cock is in her pussy. Within 5 minutes she is banging her brains out and cumming all over the floor. Watching her makes me so horny, I cant help wonder what it would be like if I were hung like this. This is easily the biggest cock we have ever seen.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Oct 27, 2005
Review of DJ0268-01
Bought this as a suprise for my wife, and she REALLY loves it. It pretty well stuffs, stretches, and fills her up. She really likes the way the veins stand out and make it feel more realistic, and the overall firmness and texture are just right. If your looking to challenge your wife or just plain want to wear her out completely, this is the perfect toy to buy. The wife admitted that it is now her favorite toy to use.
Lisa Martin Verified Buyer
Oct 23, 2005
Review of DJ0268-01
I am a 74 year old white female. I was married for 57 years to the same man. He was not a romeo at all. He passed away last spring. I had always dreamed about having sex with a black man, I think because I always heard they were huge and long, when we had sex. After he passed I got a computer and learned about LIFE! Once I learned how to search, I went and saw some huge black cocks.Then, I had to have one. Being very shy, I started looking at dildos and saw this big thing.I ordered it and starting using it everyday.I never knew what real satisfaction was untill I Had an orgasism with this bigboy inside me.It takes a while to get it in and longer to get the balls against your ass, but I did it! Im totally in love with rambone! I told my best girlfriend about it anf she had to see it.She said it was way to big to use, but I used it on her and she is in love with it too! Buy it, its a whole new world of sexual satisfaction. Plus, you dont need a man. Im still learning whats fun to do!
Anallydepraved&enslaved1 Verified Buyer
Oct 21, 2005
Review of DJ0268-01
You never will get enuf of this enormously proportioned dong.I sit down on this and after guiding and relaxing my bunghole a moment,I can feel the base bottom out against my asscrack. I raise up and 15 inches exits my asshole .It convulses and spasms while gaped wide open.My ass leaks out the asstroglide that I squirt directly up my ass before insertion. I cum from this alone and not a stroke is given to my dick at all.Assgasms! MMMMMMMMMMM I lovw it almost as much as my weekly group of giant cocksmen that gangfuck me each saturday from 6p.m. to 2 a.m.. Push the limit and shove this up your ass for the sodomized assplowed and deepfucking that your ass needs badly
Katie Verified Buyer
Oct 20, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
Fantastic! I have alot of dongs, some small and others large. This one falls under the larger ones. Has the perfect size and feel for all out humping. My girlfriend loves pumping me with it as she sucks my clit and ass. Little pussies be careful as this one is large enough to hurt you if your not ready.
analslave Verified Buyer
Oct 13, 2005
Review of DJ0268-01
Well if you want a huge probe for your pussy or ass this is the one to get! Lube the long shaft as well as your anus thoroughly! Now adhere the suction cup base to a smooth flat hard surface! Spread your ass wide and descend onto the tip of the dong and force the long thick shaft in as far as you can. I insert the entire tool in my ass and post up and down vigorously thus causing me to climax without cockplay. I readily use this before taking on real hardcore top studs to loosen my hole for them to more easily enter my ass for double penetration .The best big butt blaster ever made
BARRY W STARKEY Verified Buyer
Oct 4, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
I bought this about 3 years ago and love the size of it , but I have not been able to get it into my asshole more than 4 or 5 inches. This dildo is HUGE ! Wish the manufacture had made it 2.25 inches in dia. instead of the 2.5 inches. Then I would be able to do a full insert ! But I will keep trying . Wish I could find a Real Man Cock this size to fuck my ass . I do own several other large size cocks that I use all the time, but none as big as this one
beau deacon Verified Buyer
Sep 24, 2005
Review of DJ0268-01
filled my ass beatifully
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Sep 22, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
I have purchased two of these over the years and cannot say enough about how great they are to use. It took a very long time to put it all the way in, actually I still have to work really hard to get the last inch in as well, but what a neat way to work it. The width is perfect, again it takes a little time, but well worth your effort. Buy it youll love it
analexplorerswelcomeupmyass Verified Buyer
Sep 21, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
Wow what a massive dong! I stuck the suction base against the sliding glass door 2 feet off the floor.I squeezed ky jelly over the tip and shaft as the rest of the tube I emptied in my asshole. relaxing my rectal muscles while forcing the first few inches in me. Once the tip is in you are now free to see how far up your ass you can cram this dong in . I got my pace and rhythm as I descended down more with every plunge taking more length each time. I had more than 15 inches injected in my ass when I came without any warning ar attention to my rock hard dick. Eruptions and explosions shot cum from my cock like a firehose and I then saw my ass atop the balls indicating 17 inches of insertion up my ass.When I pulled it out I felt it rub my ribcage upon exiting my bruised but satisfied bunghole
john Verified Buyer
Sep 21, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
This old standard is wonderful. Ive been using it for at least fifteen years and it still affords me a ton of pleasure. The thrill of accomplishment when you finally eat up those last few inches is great. A real bargain for pigs who want to be stuffed without paying a fortune.
ALBERT Verified Buyer
Sep 20, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
Susieb Verified Buyer
Sep 6, 2005
Review of DJ0268-01
I got my husband to buy this huge dildo for me in the black and honey let me tell you it is huge and I dont know if it will all go in my puss.So that night we play around and use it. At fist it was painful and then I just slid in a few more inchs in and the pain went away and felt good and cum all over the sheets. Its the best toy I have and you need to lots of lube on the toy. I can take 10 inchs now and working on more the more I use it the more I can take. We love the huge black dildo. The price is worth it because we love useing it alot it maks me so horney.I think that a big black cock is in my puss and I love it. I might ask my hubby to work on my ass with this and maybe ask him if I can put in his ass as well. SusieB
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Sep 4, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
I bought one of these years ago and was disappointed. It was too hard and had a coarse texture. Pretty much useless so I threw it out. However, over the years I have gotten more used to large objects and decided to give it another try. So, I bought another and I must say, its my new favorite over the John Holmes Supercock. It seems to be made from a softer material than the one I bought a long time ago and feels fantastic. The shape is perfect. Many large dongs have very pronounced heads that cause me discomfort when I take them deeply. This one goes in easily. I can take about 13 of this and work it for hours. Its perfect! I use it with a very thick mix of J-Lube for best results.
sassy Verified Buyer
Aug 24, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
This is THE BEST dildo for the price..when we got it in and opened it, I couldnt believe the size of it. When my buddy that it was in he couldnt wait to use it on me and made me promise not to try it till we got together!!! Woooo! Whoooo! Was it ever worth the wait..yes, it is large and alot of lube is necessary but it felt so good going in my pussy!!! It took a little bit of working it in and out but worth every minute of it... He could only get about 10 inches of it in me, but it left enough for him to hang on to and work it in and out of me... I wouldnt say it was for everyone, BUT if you like being filled up... BUY IT!!!! sassy
Michael Verified Buyer
Aug 21, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
Im glad to read that other men and women are experiencing the same wonderful feelings as I do, when I have my bowels cleaned with water Im in heaven when my ass is touching the balls of this lovely thing, and Im rididn and riding without touching my own dick and letting the ooze flow on one hand Michael
oteus Verified Buyer
Aug 15, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
Oh...my! When I opened up the package my ass said no way. I have been tryin to get this bad boy up the ass for a couple of weeks now, but only managed to get 4 inches in me. I cant wait till I my ass meets the balls. Buy this one, you´ll gonna love it in ass or pussy.
Boy Toy Verified Buyer
Aug 1, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
I am a 5 foot 4, 130 pound Asian with a six inch penis. I am pretty fit and worked out most of my life, not for sports, but to take in LARGE SLABS OF BURNIG MAN MEAT FULL OF HOT CUM!!! Im fairly new to being bisexual but I have always admired large penises ever since I was 14. For 6 years I have admired Les Steele, Ron Jeremy, and Mandingo. How I dreamed of taking in their man meat in my little ass. Pre-cum is oozing from my dick as I am writing this just thinking about them. I started with a 6 inch dong when I was 14 and moved to 8 inches when I turned 20. But I want more. So until I am able to get the real Black Beasts in me, dick rambone will do. And, yes, all 15 inches went inside of my little ass. It took a a few hours every night for a month to get it in, but when I felt those balls touch the wall of my ass, I cant help but tremble, scream, and cum with utter PAIN!!! I LOVE BIG DICKS!!! Hopefully I can meat gay or bi-curious men with large dicks because for my 21st birthday next year, I dont want to get drunk, but ASS-POUNDED BY 2 MEN, 1 10 INCHES AND THE OTHER 11 !!!
GOOD WET PUSSY Verified Buyer
Jul 27, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
Michael Verified Buyer
Jul 24, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
For me this is closest thing to heaven. Being a straight male I bought this a couple of months ago for myself. I was used to inserting different kinds of objects in my ass, in fact the biggest diameter was over 4 inches. I have cleaned my bowels completely and can take this Rambone thing to the balls, as Im writitng this review Im sitting on it. Im so horney again that I dont even have to use lube to get this monster buried in my ass and lets me leak lots of precum until I finally get a fantastic orgasm
Todd Verified Buyer
Jul 17, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
I have alot of dildos. Ive always wanted to try a huge one. I bought this two weeks ago and love it. I can only take around 8 of it but 8 is alot with this. remember lots of KY. I have never cum harder in my life. my wife loves to watch as I get into fucking myself. Love it!!
BooBoo Verified Buyer
Jul 16, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
This thing is amazing! I never thought Id ever be able to take something so large, never wanted to actually, but my boyfriend got me thinking about large insertion so I bought this to try. I cum so fast when I use it. I cant take more than 5-6 inches of it in length but its the width that drives me insane, being so full. Im turning myself on writing this, I think Ill go use it now. Enjoy!
Todd Verified Buyer
Jul 14, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
very, very big. I have alot of toys. My wife keeps saying to get a real big one. so this was it. as soon as she started using this on me. I was ready to cum. it hurt a little at first but great!!!
Tara Verified Buyer
Jul 13, 2005
Review of DJ0268-01
Absolutely loved it. My boyfriend and I bought it just for the hell of it and neither of us thought I would get much of it in. Boy were we wrong. Within ten minutes I was taking the whole thing and wanting more. Im 19 and have been with a lot of different guys.. none with huge dicks though and Ive always been satisfied but after fucking myself with this, now I know the difference. This is like having three of my boyfriends dick end to end to end. It goes so deep. It hits my stomach, in different positions it hits my back, and feels like its gonna come out my mouth. But god it feels so good and I cum so much. With me being able to take this fairly easy, Im beginning to wonder how big of a dick I can take. And where does it go? I lay it on my pussy and it comes up to my tits... wheres it going? Im only 5-4 110 lbs. I want to try a longer one just to see how much I can take but they dont make any bigger that Ive found.
Jul 8, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
This is not 4 the novice analslave. I for many years have been thrusting some rather large insertable objects up my ass. This one was difficult due to its size, but I managed.I totally emptied a whole tube of KY into my ass. Straddling and prying apart my asscheeks first,I got the tip in and then began to slowly move it in & out up and down .Deeper with each push it went and my body felt this thing literally force past any and all obstructions my organs presented to it. My eyes bulged and I blew long streams of gism and I felt my balls hit the base .I felt my asshole convulse, Opening wider then tighten quickly around this jumbo dong .Lube seeped onto the floor with each hiccup from my spasming anus.I do not even have to stroke my dick to cum, When this gets about 14 inches up my ass I feel orgasmic tingles and you can be sure Im cumming when 16 inches split me in two!!! TAKE THAT IF YOU DARE!!!!
Susie Verified Buyer
Jul 7, 2005
Review of DJ0268-01
My hubby order this one for me and baby it is big.I did not think it would fit in my puss. But we used it and baby did it make me cum and cum. Just got about 8 1/2 inchs in at first but it was good use lots of lube.My hubby loves to use it on me and then dick me after I cumm. Susie
affil Verified Buyer
Jun 29, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
I have been using this dildo for quite some time. Including the suction part, its 17 here. I would like to announce that I finally got it in completely up till the balls ! This is 15 inserted ! It takes a lot of effort, lubrication and technique but I finally did it and if youre in to it, you shoudl try too !
VS Verified Buyer
Jun 26, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
Yeah everyone will just love this toy. You take it out of the box and it looks so inviting and over time becomes a good friend. It can be a little painful to get in at first, but as soon as your used to it you just cant get enough of the width and penetration .... ohhhh theres more of it to cram in? Youll probably want a thicker dildo, but youll never want a longer beast ... buy one and have fun ...
Rob Verified Buyer
Jun 24, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
This thing is HUGE! I have no idea how people can get this thing all the way inside themselves without scrambeling their organs. I could only fit about 5 or 6 inches of this beast in my ass. I love playing with my dildos and I have had my eye on this one for a long time. Im still going to try and fit the rest of this monster inside me. I took this big guy in the shower with me and had a blast! I used a LOT of elbo grease lube, that stuffs WONDERFULL too. This mamoth of a dildo is REALY heavy by the way. Just carying it to the shower was turning me on. Still, if youre not used to some extreme ass play you shouldnt get this. It can realy hurt you. It was worth the buy in my opinion though.
JustAGuy Verified Buyer
Jun 18, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
I have been using dildos (and combinations of) in my ass for a while and it was about time for something bigger. I saw this and I couldnt imagine being able to take something this thick. Im not much for extreme length so I cut it to be only 12 inches. Just handling a dildo this serious excited me and I couldnt wait to jump on it. It took me an hour (and lots of lube) to get it all the way in, and like others have said, you do bleed just a tad. It is so worth it. It is a slow go at first but once my ass is used to it and I start jerking off, I can ride this thing so hard. This dildo fills my ass completly and it has never let me down. I reccomend it to anyone who is looking for something a little bigger to work with.
luv to cum pussy Verified Buyer
Jun 13, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
jcase469 Verified Buyer
Jun 7, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
I had one of these years ago and loved it....Now that I have a new one I still love it!!! The feeling as it penetrates is beyond description and the full - stuffed feeling as it slides in is absolutely wonderful. When you use one of these be careful and use lots of good lube. Also this toy is almost guaranteed to make you bleed just a little after insertion but nothing to worry about. I wouldnt recommend this dildo for everyone but if you want BIG!! then this one might be for you. It is definately for me!!!
Jon Knight Verified Buyer
Jun 6, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
OMG! This thing is huge. i can only fit about half of it in my ass if i push anymore i start to bleed. its just so wide, 2.5 doesnt sound big but trust me its big! for the part i can fit in its great the veins on it feel like little ribs inside you wow, will keep working on getting it all the way in but i dont know bout that, lol is very good buy for the money tho, just remember this dildo is very very thick and long... well back off to work at this huge monster
btmsupboi Verified Buyer
Jun 1, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
This product is awesome! I used it for anal pleasure. As for the price; at $1.94 per insertable inch; it is well worth it. I didnt think it was possible to take that many inches in the ass.
C&M Verified Buyer
Jun 1, 2005
Review of DJ0268-01
This thing is huge, got it for my wife the other day she was a little unsure about it but once we tried it she loves it she came so many times she lost count havent got it very deep yet but we will keep trying till it goes all the way in!
sexy Verified Buyer
May 29, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
This ladies is a huge one, if you like big this is it, i had the most wounderful experience everytime I use this. You talk a breathe taking organsm, it reaches places where no man can go. I can only take a little but it makes me want to push the entire length into me, i would highly recommend this to anyone who like fullness like myself,and it will give you the explosion that you are looking for.
Lee Verified Buyer
May 28, 2005
Review of DJ0268-01
This was my first large love tool and it was wonderful...have graduated to larger size now...
Jeffrey Verified Buyer
May 26, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
This was much bigger than I expected, even though I had used a ruler to see how big 2.5 was. Im used to a 1.5 dildo, so when I tried to use this monster, I couldnt even get the head in my ass! I began to worry that Id tear something. After a couple of days to heal, I tried it again and found that just pressing harder or holding the pressure didnt make it go in. But when I humped it... shoving it sharply and just a bit deeper every time, I suddenly found it going in. (Silicone lube seems to work best.) I can take 6-8 inches of it now, but I feel like Im sitting on a telephone pole!! And it takes my asshole about two or three days to recover. Dont try this one unless you *really* want to be split in two. Still, its orgasmic and addictive.
Affil Verified Buyer
May 26, 2005
Review of DJ0268-01
What can I say ? This huge dildo is something I have been using for some years now. If youre in to deep filled deelings, go for it. Note that There is no thing as pushing it in the first time. You will need a lot of lubricants to have it inserted. I felt that turning while inserted anally , it starts to find its way into the deep anal canal. I have so far gotten it approximately 12 to 13 deep so I have a few trainings to do.
Scorpio Verified Buyer
Apr 8, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
Damn this toy is definately worth buying. I just took all the toy up my ass and passed out. I had an awesome cumfest. The thick dicked toy is still in my hole as I type and I am horny again. Well back to the saddle. Riden cowboy!!!!!
Mike Verified Buyer
Apr 1, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
I bought this item to add some variety to our sex life. Unfortunately, the item was too large for my girlfriend to use. I would not recommend this item for beginners or women who have normal diameter vaginas. The construction and quality of the item was excellent if she could have only used it. If you cant fist your girlfriend, buy something smaller!!
Jammer Verified Buyer
Mar 23, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
First, I am not gay, I have no desire to have a mans cock up my ass, but I have always enjoyed anal play. I thought getting it in would be pretty rough, but I managed to take seven inches with a bit of pain, which I enjoyed, the first time. Within minutes I was blowing my load without even touching my cock and I almost passed out as my entire body shook from the orgasm. Next I started pushing it deeper, the feeling of fullness deep in my ass was wonderful. The first time the head popped into my guts I blacked out from the pain. After a number of tries I can now sink this toy in my ass to the balls. Now I want to find another, much larger (4.5 wide or greater) to bring back that deep painful joy.
Dragon Verified Buyer
Mar 23, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
I read a bunch of reviews about this product and I was skeptical. It seemed that many people were somehow able to get this thing into their rectums. How they can do that... I have NO IDEA! This thing is HUGE! When I say HUGE I mean HUGENORMOUS! When I first opened the box and saw it I was like WTF?!. Insane! My girlfriend and me sat and laughed for a while just passing it back and forth to each other. There is no way she was going to put something this big inside her. She is a small petite woman. I bought this because it was long and had a suction cup base. I was hoping to be able to use it for her when we mess around. The main idea was that she could attach this dildo to something and then use it while giving me oral. I was kind of disappointed at first because of the huge size, but then I had an idea. I decided to use a very sharp knife to shave the dildo down a bit. I was able to shave enough of the girth to make it a normal size! Suprisingly the material cuts nice and smooth if you are careful and use a really really sharp knife! Plus you can taper it so that it gets thicker as it goes in deeper! Awesome! So actually this product seemed to work out well in the end and it has provided her with 13 inches of pure pleasure. She loves it now! I suggest that if you cant use this because of the size, consider trying what I did. I would post a photo, but I cant here. What I do know is that this is a very high quality product from Doc Johnson
jason Verified Buyer
Mar 20, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
This is one great cock no matter who you are. Sure to please even the biggest slut. I can almost get 14 of cock in my ass !!!! Wow 3 thumbs up for Dick Rambone.
Robert Verified Buyer
Mar 5, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
This is a great dildo, but cant recommend it. Its way too hard for deep anal insertion. One would have figured that the manufacturer would have made a newer version with lifelike feel material by now. Maybe this review will open some ears because it is a great size and diameter for someone that wants something big inside. Like me.
Johnny Verified Buyer
Mar 3, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
I must say this is an awesome dildo!! I first got into big dildoes with one called The Moviestar it is 12 inches long and 8 inches thick at the base.(buried it!) I then got this one and it is like 8 inches around right behind the head!!! At first I could only painfully get 5-6 inches in my ass. But as you use it the veins wear down and it turns into a super-slippery monster!! I love putting the balls between the matress of my raised bed and then, doggy style, backing into this big boy and riding it in my ass(12 inches)! After a short time of rthymic plunging,pushing it in then almost all out,faster and faster, my breaths come in jagged gasps as my cock explodes!!! I LOVE THIS DILDO!!
Tony D Verified Buyer
Mar 2, 2005
Review of DJ0268-01
This toy is long and wide and will take some practice if youre not used to huge dildos. I only know one person who can take the whole thing. Most guys are happy with the first 6 to 8 inches. The main advantages are the height, you can get it in without having to bend your knees a lot or crouch too far, and the relative smoothness. It has enough texture to feel but wont bother many sensitive holes if you use plenty of lube. I have owned 2 of these toys and know about people who have owned another half dozen, and everyone has been very pleased with it. However, we are all experienced with large objects in our butts. The only drawback is that the suction cup doesnt actually work, so dont buy it thinking that you can stick it on the wall and have a go at it. You should also have experience with other large items as this is definitely not a beginners dildo.
jimy Verified Buyer
Mar 1, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
I bought this big toy before I was ready for its size, but now I can take it after a good warm up. it is the biggest dildo for the price! I just wish it was a bit softer on my sensitive arse.
CuriousDave Verified Buyer
Feb 25, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
Wow is all i can say! What a beautiful toy! Very nice detail all around but would be much nicer with a softer cyber skin type material.Since it is kind of a hard rubber it will hurt a bit at first but beleive me....it hurts so good!I havent used a toy in a couple of years so its taking some getting used to.Managed to get about 5 inches in so far.Use a good heavy lube with this one.The thinner lubes dont really cut it.It is very flexible but can be mounted anally with out too much of a fight.The suction cup base holds it in place very well.Cant beat this one for the money....well worth it!
Love Cock Verified Buyer
Feb 20, 2005
Review of DJ0268-01
This was so big, I can not begin to describe how painful it was to enter my ass, I used special desensitizing cream, and lots of lube, It stretched my ass till it started bleeding, I used my cream and lube and still very painful be carefull this is a giant cock and needed to be taken gentely
Sex Freak Verified Buyer
Feb 10, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
Lets just say that this Cock feels as good as it fills every nook and cranny. Whether you are a girl that loves big thick cocks, or a guy that has a passion for getting filled up, this cock will do the trick. Warning it really is big, it took me a good hour to work the first 10 inches into my ass. Still have 3 inches before I reach the balls and Im definately going to keep trying. The Natural is what I started with and its perfect if you want to keep it safe, but if youre horny like me youll have to at least try this magnificant cock. Definately worth the price and even though it weighs over 3 lbs. the suction cup worked great. Lube it or rip it, trust me.
Darring Verified Buyer
Feb 4, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
Well i have to say this toy is large and wide but for any lady that likes wide and long this toy is the one for you. Its viens are a little high but other than that it rates a 9.9 in the fill her up catagory. My wife cums to as she said pleasureable insanity, lol.she can take up to 9 inches of it in right now and loves the feeling of it expanding as pressure is applied. Ladies it do expand when in as far as possilbe and pressure is applied to it to push in it more. She said no more looking for her g spot its big enough to hit it just sliding in. Well now if you people only desinged these so a man can wear them over his cock the ladies might like that (WINK).Have fun cause if you try this and you take your time you will.
GODOWNNOW Verified Buyer
Feb 4, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
Man - does this test the limits - its thick and long. so far have been able to get 13 in. The last 2 are a challange that I want to complete. the rubber is a little densere than some other didlos Ive used. maybe if it was offered in the realistic type of latex, it would be easier.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Feb 1, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
Youll need a lota lube! And its rough so a condom will really help yall :)
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jan 15, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
This one is huge, but every inch of it is awesome. I love getting filled up with large items and this certainly fits the description given. I had some terrific orgasms from the Dick, I flooded out the bed from my come and I kept coming from it. But it is not for the faint of heart. Great product.
Kath Verified Buyer
Jan 8, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
My husband and I have been together for 20 years and he purchased this for me about two years ago. I am a fan of big penises; my husband is large (9 x 6.5) and I have had my old standby dildo (15 x 5.5 inch) for almost 15 years. I had asked him to purchase a thicker replacement for my old dildo. This one fits the bill. I love it!! I have probably used it over 200 times in the last 2 years and it is as good as new. Since I am used to long penises I usually take this one all the way to the balls which is 13 inches(the 15 inches is somewhat misleading...it includes the balls). The extra width is fantastic. For me this is the perfect size...it totally fills me up. One caution girls, as I said earlier, I really enjoy large penises. As such, this is probably not an item for most of you.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jan 7, 2005
Review of DJ0268-00
Im a gay male and one of my friends said that he could take anything in him.. I Lubed him up and put it in. He passed out from loss of blood after a few minutes and I had to call an ambulance to have him brought to the hospital, 6 stitches later, he wont talk to me.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Dec 31, 2004
Review of DJ0268-00

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